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National Party (South Africa)

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National Party (South Africa)
The National Party was a political party in South Africa founded in 1915 and first became the governing party of the country in 1924. It was in opposition during the World War II years but returned to power and was again in government from 4 June 1948 until 9 May 1994. At this time, it began implementing its policy of separate development, known as 'apartheid'. Members of the National Party were sometimes known as Nationalists or Nats. The policies of the party included apartheid, the establishment of a republic, and the promotion of Afrikaner culture.

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National Party South Africa
The National Party South Africa (NP) is a registered South African political party, who competed for the Western Cape province in the 2009 provincial election and municipal council seats in the 2011 local government elections.

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Nationale Partei (Südafrika)

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Nasionale Party
De Nasionale Party (NP) (Nederlands: Nationale PartijEngels: National Party) was een conservatieve Zuid-Afrikaanse politieke partij die in november 1913 werd opgericht door de Afrikaner James Barry Munnik Hertzog. De NP gold als tegenwicht voor de Suid-Afrikaanse Party van generaal Jan Christian Smuts die nauw samenwerkte met het Britse imperium en verzoening tussen Boer en Brit nastreefde.

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Parti national (Afrique du Sud)
Le Parti national (Nasionale Party (afrikaans) ou National Party (anglais) - NP) est un parti politique d'Afrique du Sud fondé en 1914 et dissous en 2005. Il fut connu également sous plusieurs autres appellations successives comme Parti national purifié (1934-1940), Parti national reconstitué (1940-1953) et enfin Nouveau Parti national (1997-2005).

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National Party (South Africa)

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