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n. type of fruit; good position, good job (Slang)

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A plum is a fruit of the subgenus Prunus of the genus Prunus. The subgenus is distinguished from other subgenera (peachescherriesbird cherries, etc.) in the shoots having a terminal bud and solitary side buds (not clustered), the flowers in groups of one to five together on short stems, and the fruit having a groove running down one side and a smooth stone (or pit).

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. any of several trees producing edible oval smooth-skinned fruit with a single hard stone
(synonym) plum tree
(hypernym) fruit tree
(hyponym) wild plum, wild plum tree
(member-holonym) Prunus, genus Prunus
2. any of numerous varieties of small to medium-sized round or oval smooth-skinned fruit with a single pit
(hypernym) edible fruit
(hyponym) damson, damson plum
(part-holonym) plum tree

1. exactly; "fell plumb in the middle of the puddle"
(synonym) plumb
(classification) colloquialism
2. completely; used as intensifiers; "clean forgot the appointment"; "I'm plumb (or plum) tuckered out"
(synonym) clean, plumb
(classification) cant, jargon, slang, lingo, argot, patois, vernacular

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n. švestka

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Rzecz. śliwka

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