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Tone row
In music, a tone row or note row , also series and set, refers to a non-repetitive ordering of a set of pitch-classes, typically of the twelve notes in musical set theory of the chromatic scale, though both larger and smaller sets are sometimes found.

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Reihe steht für:

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Reihe (die)
nf. row, line, queue, sequence, series, order; chain of events; sequence of numbers which are added together in succession (often an infinite sequence); tier, one of a series of rows; rank, order of importance
v. put in a line, arrange along a line

Reuter Medizin (by Peter Reuter)

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(f) 1. line, row 2. (Reihenfolge) turn, order, se-
quence, succession der Reihe nach in turns 3. (Anzahl)
number, series, array, battery eine Reihe von Jahren a
number of years eine Reihe von Tests a battery of tests
4. (mathemat.) progression, series; (hämat.) series;
(biolog.) order . 
Zelle der erythrozytären Reihe
 erythroid cell . 
arithmetische Reihe
 arithmetic progression

basophile Reihe
 basophil series, basophilic series . 
eosinophile Reihe
 eosinophilic series, eosinophil se-
ries . 
erythrozytäre Reihe
 erythrocyte series, erythrocytic
series . 
granulozytäre Reihe
 leukocytic series, granulocyte se-
ries, granulocytic series . 
homologe Reihe
 homologous series . 
lymphozytäre Reihe
 lymphocyte series, lymphocytic
series . 
monozytäre Reihe
 monocyte series, monocytic series . 
myeloide Reihe
 myeloid series, myelocytic series . 
myelozytäre Reihe
 myeloide Reihe . 
neutrophile Reihe
 neutrophil series, neutrophilic se-
ries . 
rote Reihe
 red cell series . 
unendliche Reihe
 infinite series . 

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Neue Deutsch-Chinesisch Wörterbuch

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(f) -n ①行,列,排 ②[转]行列,队伍 ③串,一系列 ④顺序,次序 ⑤组,套,辑 ⑥[数]级数 ⑦[生](生物分类的)目 ⑧(十二音体系)音列

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