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Safe as houses

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Safe as Houses
Safe as Houses was a Scottish television property programme on STV, hosted by sports broadcaster Ali Douglas and money advisor Fergus Muirhead.

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Universal Word: Hindi Essential

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एकदम सुरक्षित
[ ekadama surakṣita || ekadam surakshit ]
safe as houses
(icl>very safe)

RDE- Dictionar EN-RO - cuvinte

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safe as houses
foarte sigur ; solid ; demn de incredere

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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as safe as houses
= completamente seguro, totalmente seguro.
Ex: Investment in British companies, currency and commodities used to be as safe as houses.

English - Thai, Dictionary of CherngX

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safe as houses
(as) safe as houses idm. ปกติดี, หายดี

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