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Torah in Islam
Tawrat (also Tawrah or Taurat; ) is the Arabic word for the TorahMuslims believe it was a holy book of Islam given by God to Musa (Moses). The Hebrew word for their scripture, the Torah (also known as the Five Books of Moses or the Pentateuch) means instructions, that is why Tawrat does not refer to the entire Tanakh or Old Testament. As per Quran all the prophets governed by the Tawrat.

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La Tawrat (en arabe:, Tawrah ou Taurat) est la traduction arabe du mot hébreu Torah (également connue comme les « Cinq Livres de Moïse » ou « Pentateuque »). Les musulmans croient que la Tawrat est l'un des livres saints de l'Islam, donné par Allah à Moussa (Moïse). Il existe une controverse quant à savoir si Tawrat désigne la Torah, ou tout le Tanakh (Ancien Testament).

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[Islamic] The Arabic form of the word Torah. The book was given by God to Musa (Moses) as his revelation.

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