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The term Wei may refer to:

  • Wey (state) (衛, 1040–209 BC), Wei in pinyin, but spelled Wey to distinguish from the Warring States period
  • Wei (state) (魏, 403–225 BC), one of the seven major states of the Warring States Period
  • Cao Wei (曹魏, 220–265), during the Three Kingdoms Period
  • Ran Wei (冉魏, 350–352), short-lived Six Kingdoms state founded by Ran Min
  • Northern Wei (北魏, 386–535), during Southern and Northern Dynasties
  • Wei (Dingling) (魏, 388–392), state of Dingling/Gaoche ethnicity in China

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. any of several imperial dynasties of China ruling from 220 to 265 and from 386 to 556
(synonym) Wei dynasty
(hypernym) dynasty

Babylon Dutch English dictionary

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wei (de)
n. whey, meadow, grazing, thrusting, serum

Chinese idioms explained in English

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wei2 wei4 jiu4 zhao4
Besieging Wei to rescue Zhao.
A stratagem exploited in war to strike at the enemy's weak point in orer to force him to withdraw.

Chinese Phonetics

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wei, -ui
Pinyin: wei, -ui
Wade-Giles: wei, -uei

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