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Açik may refer to:

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n. shortage, deficient amount, shortfall, deficiency, deficit
adv. expressly, in blank, explicitly
adj. open, uncovered, wide open, visible, apparent, obvious, bare, clear, unclouded, cloudless, definite, exposed, blank, aboveground, articulate, avowed, broad, candid, categorical, clean cut, clear-cut, confessed, crystal, decided, declared
v. get hungry, feel hungry, feel peckish

Mustafa YILDIZ's Turkish to English Dictionary

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"open; (çay/kahve) weak; (yol/geçit) free, clear; (hava) clear, cloudless; (renk) light; uncovered; naked, bare; clear, plain, distinct; frank, outspoken; vacant" " boþ, münhal; (çek) blank;" "(resim/kitap vb.) smutty, bawdy, pornographic, salacious; open air; open sea; vacant position; deficit; shortfall; openly, baldly, frankly, straight out"

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(Ch, Sumatra) elder sister

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