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a Greek gift

.:Mas_NDon English Indonesian Dictionary

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a greek gift
hadiah yang merugikan si penerima
my child #01

yasin's unique words

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a Greek gift
a gift which is a trick***Example:'Akanbi is among the few Justices that did not accept the Babangida's GREEK GIFT in the form of a Mercedes Benz. He left the car where it was parked in his official quarters on Queens Drive when he retired as the President of the Court of Appeal.' (Ahmed Jaji - Sunday Times - 27th Feb. 2003)**Greek gift**This is a reference is to the famous Wooden Horse said to be a gift or offering to the gods for a safe return from Troy,but was in reality a tactic for the destruction of the city.A 'Greek gift' is therefore a dangerous or treacherous gift. You will sometimes hear the 3-word expression 'Beware of Greeks...' which is often not completed because many native English speakers understand the ending: ...'bearing gifts'.

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