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a cargo de

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a cargo de
prep. in charge of

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a cargo de
= charged with ; in charge (of) ; at the helm (of).
Ex: An organization now exists, endowed by Ranganathan, and charged with the maintenance of the scheme now that he himself has died. Ex: The vice-president in charge of marketing services, Una Feaver, is responsible for media planning and buying, research, and sales promotion. Ex: With a new administration at the helm, prospects are good for a coordinated effort within the government to establish viable information management strategies for the 1990s.
a cargo de Alguien
= under supervision.
Ex: While scanning the area under supervision, the librarian may detect persons who appear restless or puzzled.
poner a Alguien al cargo de
(v.) = put + Nombre + in charge of.
Ex: In any case, the company thinks she has what it takes and is putting her in charge of a number of businesses, including publishing, TV and radio.

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