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a instancia de

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a instancia de
prep. at the instance of

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a instancia de
= at the urging of.
Ex: The superintendent withdrew his request at the urging of the city manager, who suggested he defer it until a more apposite time.
a instancias de
= at the instigation of ; at the behest of ; under the auspices of.
Ex: It was set up in 1972 at the instigation of a local councillor who wanted to introduce an information centre in shop-front premises in a new shopping precinct. Ex: During the early 1940s, at the behest of then President Roosevelt, he led the drive to build the first atomic bomb. Ex: Other work relating to the development of classification has been conducted under the auspices of UNISIST.

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