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a la intemperie

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a la intemperie
= in the open ; exposed ; outdoors ; open to the elements ; exposure to the elements ; out in the open air ; in the open air.
Ex: As expected, bats avoided obstacles while flying through vegetation and intercepted flying prey out in the open. Ex: The exposed part is changed by the radiation so that the surface can be cleaned, etched and reoxidized. Ex: In 1984, The Getty Conservation Institute embarked on a programme of museum environmental research covering air pollution generated outdoors and indoors, and microenvironmental studies. Ex: The old building was cramped, expensive and open to the elements. Ex: After four decades of exposure to the elements, the garden has been fully renovated and restored to its former glory. Ex: Why does a hard biscuit become soft when left out in the open air but soft bread becomes hard when left out in the open air?. Ex: Over 700000 Mozambican children are currently studying in the open air, deprived of minimal conditions for learning.
estar a la intemperie
(v.) = be out in the open.
Ex: Everything is out in the open, including the shower and the toilet! .

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