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a la vez

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a la vez
= at once ; at one time ; at similar times ; at the same time ; concurrently ; side-by-side ; simultaneously ; at the same instant ; in parallel ; in tandem ; at the one time ; in a tandem fashion ; at a time ; in unison ; pari passu ; together ; in accompaniment.
Ex: Because not all files need to be reorganized at once, but only those which are very full, the time required for this procedure is reduced to a minimum. Ex: Maximum number of documents which can be charged out at one time. Ex: However, this joint venture may not be justifiable unless both a thesaurus and a classification scheme are in demand by one organisation at similar times. Ex: Author entry gives direct access to particular documents whilst at the same time collocating documents with the same author. Ex: An indexer who is familiar with a given indexing language may be capable of accomplishing the three stages concurrently. Ex: This sub-stage and the next one must proceed side-by-side. Ex: No one catalogue can satisfy all the requirements of all users simultaneously. Ex: He then dropped the metal suddenly into the mouth of the mould, and at the same instant gave it a jerk or toss to force the metal into the recesses of the matrix (the precise form of the jerk varying with the different letters). Ex: The afternoon sessions will run in parallel. Ex: In tandem, tiered instruction and assessment offer the opportunity to analyze the outcomes of specific levels of information literacy. Ex: For example, an obvious question is do most people only have one book on the go at the one time?. Ex: Most of them are mitotically stable, and the integration of the vector into the host genome frequently occurred in a tandem fashion. Ex: It is important to recognise that division must be by one principle at a time. Ex: Macaronic poetry is often used as a vehicle for humorous social criticism, but also as a ludic exercise and linguistic challenge, or simply for the delight of hearing different languages in unison. Ex: According to Walker, if a just system permits mercy, it nearly always becomes, pari passu, unjust = Según Walker, si un sistema justo permite la misericordia, casi siempre se convierte en injusto a la vez. Ex: An entry is a logical grouping of elements arranged in a prescribed order which together constitute a single unit of information to be filed or arranged as such in a register, list, catalogue, etc. Ex: The turbine engines shrieked as they fought to maintain lift in the thin air, while the fuselage groaned in accompaniment.

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