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a partir de

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à partir de
prep. from

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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a partir de
prep. beginning with, from

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a partir de
= on the basis of ; based on ; working from ; from ; on a diet of ; in response to.
Ex: In addition, there is an element of perpetuation about the establishment of headings on the basis of reference sources. Ex: Libraries will make judgements based on criteria such as better information resources, quicker answers, and more cost-effective services = Las bibliotecas tomarán decisiones de acuerdo con criterios tales como mejores recursos informativos, rapidez de respuesta y servicios más rentables. Ex: In the case of index terms, these will be assigned by a (human) indexer working from the document and probably a thesaurus or authority file. Ex: From the analysis of some 5760 questions, Wilkinson and Miller developed a 'step approach' to differentiate reference questions according to how many judgmental steps were required to answer them. Ex: No true reader can be expected to grow on a diet of prescribed texts on regardless of how well chosen they are. Ex: You have seen that the basic principle in information retrieval is to search only a limited part of the store in response to each request.
a partir de + Fecha
(adj.) = from + Fecha ; effective + Fecha.
Ex: This was a spur to several other London boroughs who set up shop-front consumer advice centres from 1972. Ex: We will be on red alert effective today, which means that we will place on stand-by at least 2,000 soldiers to prepare for any incident in the Labor Day holiday.

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