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a propósito

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A Propósito
A Propósito is the tenth studio album by Argentine rock band Babasónicos, released on May 2011.

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Babylon Italian English dictionary

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a proposito
adv. apropos, by the way, incidentally; on purpose, intentionally

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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a propósito
adj. seasonable, opportune
n. precision, exactness, propriety, appropriateness, suitability

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a propósito
= deliberate ; for the record ; incidentally ; intentionally ; by the way ; in passing ; anecdotally ; purposely ; by design ; on purpose ; wilfully [willfully, -USA] ; on a sidenote ; studiously ; by the way of (a) digression ; by the by(e) ; speaking of which ; designedly ; as an aside.
Ex: Deliberate mnemonics are devices which help the user to remember and recall the notation for given subjects. Ex: For the record, schools and libraries in the late 1960s recovered in excess of $10,000,000 from publishers and wholesalers as a result of unfair practices highlighted by Mr. Scilken. Ex: Incidentally, this book was about the invasion of Denmark. Ex: In the cases where there was no match, we intentionally created a dirty authority file. Ex: It is not wise, by the way, to approach the author by telephone for this puts him on the spot and he may refuse simply in self-defense and especially if you happen to butt in when he is struggling with an obstinate chapter in a new book. Ex: She also indicated in passing that in future authors would not automatically pass over the copyright of research results in papers to publishers. Ex: Anecdotally, it is often assumed that users preferring print are among the most senior in academic rank and/or years. Ex: I have purposely refrained from discussing the theory of comparative librarianship which has up to now characterized much of the writing on the subject. Ex: The victims had been herded onto a wooden landing craft by the captain of a Honduras-registered ship who then proceeded, by accident or design, to ram the craft, killing the majority of people aboard. Ex: Most consumers felt confident that once a letter is written and posted, no one will read it either accidently or on purpose except for the intended addressee. Ex: But we are not then acting quite so much out of blindness or inarticulateness; we are selfishly or fearfully or wilfully trying to short-circuit what we know underneath to be more nearly the true state of things. Ex: On a sidenote, this book almost didn't happen when the author showed her editor her proposal. Ex: Previous economic historians have, by and large, studiously ignored the British slave trade. Ex: That, I may say by way of a digression, has never been my main objection to socialism. Ex: Zenobia, by-the-by, as I suppose you know, is merely her public name. Ex: Speaking of which, Chertoff recently lifted restrictions that have confined airline passengers to their seats for a half hour after taking off and before landing. Ex: In respect of those defects, the seller may be held liable where he has designedly concealed their existence from the purchaser. Ex: As an aside, if the analysis presented so far is correct, it has some interesting consequences.

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