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a sabiendas

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a sabiendas
= knowing ; knowingly ; wilfully [willfully, -USA].
Ex: 'Much as I hate to admit it,' she added, her face creasing in a knowing smile, 'some of my best friends are librarians, and I can't get over how they tear their colleagues to shreds when they're together' = "Siento mucho admitirlo", ella añadió mientras su cara se arrugaba dibujándose en ella una sonrisa de complicidad, "algunos de mis mejores amigos son bibliotecarios y no puedo entender cómo critican a otros colegas suyos cuando se jutan". Ex: The ways in which library professionals -- knowingly and unknowingly -- undermine intellectual freedom are discussed = Se analizan las formas en las que los profesionales de las bibliotecas, consciente o inconscientemente, socavan la libertad intelectual. Ex: But we are not then acting quite so much out of blindness or inarticulateness; we are selfishly or fearfully or wilfully trying to short-circuit what we know underneath to be more nearly the true state of things.

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