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v. cheapen, make inexpensive

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v. to make or sell cheaper

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = cheapen ; lower + the price ; downscale ; downmarket.
Ex: Simplification is cheapening the process.
Ex: The general use of casting machinery from around 1860 lowered the price of type, but had little effect on its design.
Ex: Prince Albert properties offer excellent value for money for buyers wanting to downscale to a quieter, less costly country lifestyle.
Ex: In my opinion, a golden seam of literary and musical heritage stretching back centuries is being systematically downmarketed.
* abaratar costes = lower + costs ; keep + costs down.
* abaratarse = get + cheaper.

(v.) = get + cheaper.
Ex: Systems will get better and cheaper with the passage of time.

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