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nf. sandal, style of open-topped shoe with a sole that is held to the feet by straps
v. include, embrace; take in, surround; comprise, contain; span, extend across; take on, deal with; monopolize

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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n. simple sandal
v. enclose, encompass; comprise

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = comprise (of) ; cover ; encompass ; include ; span ; embrace ; stretch over.
Ex: The first edition comprised basic classes analysed into facets, using the colon as the notational device for synthesis.
Ex: The schedules are divided into two parts, one covering music scores and parts and the other concerned with music literature.
Ex: The classification schemes that have been considered so far are general bibliographic classification schemes in that they attempt to encompass all of knowledge.
Ex: Document descriptions may be included in catalogues, bibliographies and other listings of documents.
Ex: The shelflist itself had problems, since it consisted of cataloging practices that spanned some fifty years.
Ex: The library community is now ready to embrace the most revolutionary technology for libraries -- CD-ROM.
Ex: The highlight is a zip line that stretches over the whole length of the lake.
* abarcar de ... a ... = run from ... to ....
* abarcar de ... a ... = range from ... to ... ; stretch from ... to ....
* abarcar el mundo = span + the globe.
* abarcarlo todo = be all inclusive.
* abarcar todas las posibilidades = run + the gamut.
* curso que abarca varias disciplinas = umbrella course.
* el que mucho abarca poco aprieta = jack of all trades, master of none.
* intentar abarcar demasiado = burn + the candle at both ends ; spread + Reflexivo + (too) thin.
* intentar abarcar más de la cuenta = burn + the candle at both ends ; spread + Reflexivo + (too) thin.
* que abarca = girdling.
* que lo abarca todo = all-embracing.
* quien mucho abarca poco aprieta = bite off more than + Pronombre + can chew.
* sujetar abarcando = brace.
* tratar de abarcar más de la cuenta = bite off more than + Pronombre + can chew.
* tratar de abarcar más de lo que se puede = bite off more than + Pronombre + can chew.

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