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nf. bee, type of flying insect

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = bee ; honey bee.
Ex: The article has the title 'The bee on the Comb: a cataloger's puzzle'.
Ex: The identified project areas of honey bees, fruit trees, squash, seaweed, rabbits, quail, and sheep will be initiated over a 3-year period.
* abeja obrera = worker bee.
* abeja reina = queen bee ; honey bee queen.
* cera de abeja = beeswax.
* como abejas en panal = like bees around a honey pot.
* cría de abejas = beekeeping.

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[ madhumakkhī || madhumakkhi || مدھمککھی ]
noun animal. abeja
English equivalent: bee

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