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Abertura is a municipality in the province of Cáceres and autonomous community of ExtremaduraSpain. The municipality covers an area of and as of 2011 it had a population of 447 people.

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nf. opening, aperture; gap; slit, crack; cove; pass, narrow road between mountains; (Figurative) openness, quality of being open, frankness

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abertura (f)
n. opening, access, aperture, crevice, gap, window, slot, hole, openness; overture; rift, slit, vent, loophole, candor, bay, stoma
v. hold by the collar to attack

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = chink ; opening ; orifice ; hole ; gap.
Ex: War of words exposed chinks in coalition.
Ex: The cyber criminals are persistent -- if they can't get through one opening, they will keep trying until they find the chink in the armour.
Ex: The flow of gases through an orifice is infuenced by factors such as flow velocity and the shapes of the orifices.
Ex: Edge notch cards have a series of holes around the perimeter, and the piece of card between the hole and the edge of the card may be removed, using a punch, to form a notch.
Ex: New editions will be essentially cumulations and therefore a longer gap will exist between editions.

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