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v. soften, make soft; alleviate, soothe; mitigate, soften in force or severity; moderate, reduce the intensity of; (Latin America) run in

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = soften ; tenderise [tenderize, -USA].
Ex: This was so that the stuffing could be teased out and cleared of lumps, and so that the pelts could be softened by currying and soaking them in urine; the smell is said to have been revolting.
Ex: Brief details are given of a method for hanging mutton and lamb carcasses by the pubis to tenderise the meat.
* ablandar la carne = tenderise + the meat.
* ablandarse = go + soft.

(v.) = go + soft.
Ex: As he approached a line of vehicles stopped at a light, he attempted to apply the brake, but it went soft and to the floor.

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