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Mathematics Glossary - Mohammad Reza Majidee

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مطلق ، ثابت ، آوند

Petroleum & Geology Abbreviations, Ver. 4.1

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absolute permeability
نفوذ پذیری مطلق

A measure of the ability of a single fluid (such as Water, Gas, or Oil) to flow through a rock Formation when the Formation is totally filled, (saturated) with a single fluid. The permeability measure of a rock filled with a single fluid is different from the permeability measure of the same rock filled with two or more fluids. See also Effective Permeability

absolute porosity
The percentage of the total bulk volume of a rock sample that is composed of pore spaces or voids

تخلخل مطلق

The percentage of the total bulk volume of a rock sample that is composed of pore spaces or voids. See also porosity

absolute pressure
Total pressure measured from an absolute vacuum. It equals the sum of the gauge pressure and the atmospheric pressure corresponding to the barometer, expressed in pounds per square inch

Copyright‎©‎2011, All Rights Reserved, (Version 4.1), Iran. Printing & Copy of this Glossary must be just with permission of Glossary Owner: SIAMAK BAHRAMI JOONEGHANI.

Law Dictionary

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absolute interest
مالکيت مطلق
absolute liability (see also: strict liability)
مسئوليت حادثه
absolute ownership (see also: complete ownership, perfect ownership)
مالکيت مطلق، مالکيت کامل
absolute value (see also: intrinsic value)
ارزش ذاتي

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