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absolute gain

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Absolute gain
Absolute gain (international relations)
According to liberal international relations theory, absolute gain is what international actors look at in determining their interests, weighing out the total effects of a decision on the state or organization and acting accordingly. The international actor's interests not only include power but also encompass the economic and cultural effects of an action as well. The theory is also interrelated with a non-zero-sum game which proposes that through use of comparative advantage, all states who engage in peaceful relations and trade can expand wealth.

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absolute gain
1. Of an antenna , for a given direction and polarization , the ratio of (a) the power that would be required at the input of an ideal isotropic radiator to (b) the power actually supplied to the given antenna, to produce the same radiation intensity in the far-field region . Note 1: If no direction is given, the absolute gain of an antenna corresponds to the direction of maximum effective radiated power . Note 2: Absolute gain is usually expressed in dB . (188 ) Synonym isotropic gain. 2. Of a device, the ratio of (a) the signal level at the output of the device to (b) that of its input under a specified set of operating conditions. Note 1: Examples of absolute gain are no-load gain, full-load gain, and small-signal gain. Note 2: Absolute gain is usually expressed in dB. (188 )

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