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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = absorb ; steep + Reflexivo + in ; take up ; hijack ; take in ; soak in ; co-opt ; soak up ; sop up ; pick up ; suck up ; engross.
Ex: For the majority, however, IT was regarded as simply another topic to absorb into syllabuses.
Ex: The great storyteller, FC Sayers, having advised the beginner to 'steep himself in folklore until the elemental themes are part of himself,' explains how best to get command of a tale.
Ex: The rows over Britain's contributions to the Community budget and runaway spending on the the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which took up two thirds of the budget, were documented blow by blow in the press.
Ex: Information may have been hijacked as the province of computer operators rather than librarians.
Ex: People like to browse the books and magazines, take in the ambiance, and be seen and perceived as a patron of the arts and literature.
Ex: Among the visual attributes found to be most useful were: absorption (soaks in, sits on top), luster (shiny, dull), flakiness (doesn't flake off, flakes off), and thickness (thin, thick).
Ex: Social workers accused librarians of moving into their territory, of co-opting their activity, of doing social work without training, of being representative of establishment interests.
Ex: They gradually soak up language, discovering the rules by which it works almost without noticing it.
Ex: Here are activities to sop up those extra minutes by reinforcing what you're taught.
Ex: Then these suggestion can be picked up by the editor, and communicated to the author.
Ex: Cinder blocks do suck up paint quickly but mine are light because I only used the left over paint from the walls.
Ex: A good novel will engross me and have me switched off from the real world for hours.
* absorber por ósmosis = absorb by + osmosis.
* absorber tiempo = absorb + time.
* absorber un golpe = absorb + a shock ; cushion + a blow ; soften + a blow.
* absorber un impacto = absorb + an impact ; deaden + an impact.

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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v. absorb, suck up; suck in, take up; preoccupy, engross; occlude (Chemistry)

Victors - Romanian Lemmatizer

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v. absorbi

Victors - Dicţionar ortografic al limbii române

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vb. › sorbi

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Victors - DEX-98

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absórb, vb. IV. Tranz.
1. A suge, a înghiţi, a încorpora o substanţă etc.
A reţine o parte din particulele sau din energia radiantă care cade pe un corp.
2. Fig. A preocupa în mod intens; a captiva. - Din fr. absorber (după sorbi).

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