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v. impose upon, put upon; presume

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v. abuse; encroach, run down

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = abuse ; mistreat ; wrong ; push + Nombre + (a)round ; molest ; kick + Nombre + around.
Ex: This system was often abused for a grasping clicker would see to it that the fastest compositor got the easiest work.
Ex: Some authors, of course, object to their work being subjected to compulsory dissection for exams in the traditional deadly manner and like Bernard Shaw, they swear to haunt anyone who so mistreats them (Shaw's ghost must be busy these days).
Ex: The case raises the age-old issue of how best to resolve disputes between the press and a subject that feels wronged.
Ex: Over the last year he has pushed her around, fed her false truths, built up her hopes then crashed them to the ground.
Ex: A former priest convicted of molesting two altar boys has been released from prison after serving eight years of a 15-year sentence.
Ex: They are on the hunt for a general dogsbody they can kick around the office.
* abusar de = overuse.
* abusar de la bebida = drink + too much ; overdrink.
* abusar de la comida = eat + too much ; overeat.
* abusar del alcohol = drink + too much ; overdrink.
* abusar del poder = lord over ; lord it over.
* abusar del sistema = game + the system ; milk + the system ; rig + the system ; work + the system ; play + the system ; abuse + the system.
* abusar de + Posesivo + hospitalidad = wear out + Posesivo + welcome ; overstay + Posesivo + welcome.
* abusar de + Posesivo + poder = abuse + Posesivo + power.

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