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adj. administrativo, administrador, ejecutorio

English Spanish dictionary by Jaime Aguirre

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natural justice
ley administrativa

Glossary of archaeological research

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Administrative Law
Derecho Administrativo
Administrative Law judge
juez de Derecho Administrativo
administrative act
acto administrativo
administrative agency
agencia administrativa
administrative and general expense
gasto general y de administración
administrative budget expenses
gastos del presupuesto administrativo
administrative management
gerencia administrativa
administrative process
proceso administrativo
senior administrative assistant
ayudante administrativo

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(adj.) = administrativo.
Ex: Not every decision a member of the administration takes is 'of an administrative nature'.
* administrative archives = archivo administrativo.
* administrative assistant = administrativo, auxiliar administrativo.
* administrative bloat = exceso de personal administrativo, exceso de plantilla administrativa.
* administrative body = órgano de gobierno.
* administrative centre = centro administrativo.
* administrative headquarters = oficina administrativa central.
* administrative issue = cuestión administrativa.
* administrative justice = justicia administrativa.
* administrative law = derecho administrativo.
* administrative library = archivo administrativo.
* administrative office = oficina de administración.
* administrative officer = administrador delegado.
* administrative policy = política administrativa.
* administrative procedure = procedimiento administrativo.
* administrative receivership = sindicatura, administración judicial.
* administrative record = registro administrativo.
* administrative reform = reforma administrativa.
* administrative regulation = disposición administrativa.
* administrative rule = disposición administrativa.
* administrative secretary = secretario administrativo.
* administrative staff = personal administrativo.
* administrative support = apoyo administrativo, soporte administrativo.
* administrative task = tarea administrativa.
* administrative team = equipo administrativo.
* administrative unit = unidad administrativa.

(adj.) = ejecutivo, de dirección.
Ex: There is now the highest number of women in top administrative positions than there has been before: 54 women out of a total of 111 directorships.
* administrative personnel = directivos.
* administrative team = equipo de dirección.

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