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v. accumulate, hoard; bring together
n. combination; conjunction; group; mixture; construction aggregate, coarse particulate material (such as: crushed stone, sand, gravel, recycled concrete, slag) used in construction
adj. collective, total, taking all units as a whole
construction aggregate
coarse particulate material (such as: crushed stone, sand, gravel, recycled concrete, slag, etc.) used in construction

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An aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. a sum total of many heterogenous things taken together
(synonym) congeries, conglomeration
(hypernym) sum, summation, sum total
(member-meronym) plankton
2. the whole amount
(synonym) sum, total, totality
(hypernym) whole, whole thing, unit

1. amount in the aggregate to
(hypernym) come, add up, amount
(derivation) sum, total, totality
2. gather in a mass, sum, or whole
(synonym) combine
(hypernym) mix, mingle, commix, unify, amalgamate
(hyponym) unitize, unitise
(derivation) collector, aggregator

1. gathered or tending to gather into a mass or whole; "aggregate expenses include expenses of all divisions combined for the entire year"; "the aggregated amount of indebtedness"
(synonym) aggregated, aggregative, mass
(similar) collective
2. formed of separate units in a cluster; "raspberries are aggregate fruits"
(similar) multiple
(classification) botany, phytology

Babylon German English dictionary

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Aggregat (das)
n. aggregate, combination; conjunction; group; mixture

Babylon Italian English dictionary

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v. aggregate, join
adj. aggregate, associated, united, joined

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