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nf. aggression, attack; battery

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = attack ; aggression ; assault ; act of aggression ; battery ; aggressive incident ; battering.
Ex: The incentive to make library services more relevant to the community became increasingly urgent from the mid-seventies as the attacks on local government finance gathered momentum.
Ex: This article describes the contents of a help pack, produced by Bradford Public Library to help library staff when dealing with violence and aggression at work.
Ex: Crimes against the person include homicide, rape, assault and robbery.
Ex: The study was designed to determine if players felt remorse if an opposing player was injured as a result of their act of aggression.
Ex: The increasing frequency of notorious cases of conflicts between police officers & members of the general public (which in New York City has led to incidents of death, battery, & sexual assault) is cause for alarm.
Ex: Data on 9318 aggressive incidents were collected from official game reports.
Ex: This research analyzes the effects of ritual healing on women who have been victims of abuse, including incest, rape, and battering.
* agresión a mano armada = armed assault.
* agresión brutal = vicious attack ; brutal attack.
* agresión con ensañamiento = vicious attack.
* agresión con lesiones = assault and battery.
* agresión física = physical assault ; physical aggression.
* agresión sexual = sexual assault ; molestation ; sexual aggression.
* agresión verbal = verbal aggression ; verbal assault ; verbal abuse.

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