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Ahora (Spanish "now") may refer to:


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interj. now
adv. now, presently; nowadays; soon, within a short time

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attend, hear

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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= now ; in present times ; at present time ; at this moment in time.
Ex: The article 'The ABC of CD: where is CD-ROM now?' is a basic introduction to CD-ROMs.
Ex: The question of ideological thought (in the sense of a veiled interest-determined trend of thought) is again rearing its head in present times.
Ex: The research project explored the ways in which information is used in the UK at present time.
Ex: While people dominate at this moment in time, they are altering their environment and, at some future point, will become extinct, giving way to dominance by another organism.
* ahora bien = now.
* ahora más que nunca = now more than ever.
* ahora mismo = right now ; just now.
* ahora no = not any more.
* ahora o nunca = now or never.
* ahora que lo menciono = speaking of which.
* ahora que lo pienso = now that I think of it.
* ahora que pienso... = while I think of it....
* antes de ahora = before now.
* a partir de ahora = from now on ; from this point on ; henceforth ; as of now ; from now onward(s) ; from this time on.
* a partir de ahora y + Cuantificador + algunos años = for + Cuantificador + years to come.
* de ahora en adelante = from now on ; from this point on ; from now onward(s).
* desde ahora en adelante = from now onward(s).
* desde entonces (y) hasta ahora = between then and now.
* desde + Fecha + hasta ahora = from + Fecha + to the present.
* el mejor hasta ahora = the best yet.
* el mejor que ha hecho hasta ahora = Posesivo + best yet.
* entonces al igual que ahora = then as now.
* en un par de días a partir de ahora = in a few days from now ; a few days from now.
* hace ahora una semana = for a week now.
* hace meses ahora = for months now.
* hasta ahora = as yet ; hitherto ; so far ; thus far ; to date ; up to now ; yet ; heretofore ; all along ; up to this point ; by now ; as of today ; until now ; up until now ; up till now ; till now ; to this day.
* hasta ahora, todo bien = so far, so good.
* incluso hasta ahora = even to this day.
* justo ahora = right now ; just now.
* por ahora = as of right now ; as yet ; at present ; at the moment ; at this point ; for the present ; for the time being ; just yet ; for now ; at this time ; as of now ; at the present ; by now ; for the nonce ; currently.
* por ahora todo va bien = so far, so good.
* TTFN (Adiós por Ahora) = TTFN (Ta Ta For Now).
* y ahora me cuentas una de indios = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)) ; pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)) ; pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).
* ¿Y ahora qué? = what's next? ; what next?.

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