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Reuter Medizin (by Peter Reuter)

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alimentäre Anämie
  deficiency anemia, nutritional
anemia . 
alimentäre Glukosurie
  alimentary glycosuria, diges-
tive glycosuria . 
alimentäre Amenorrhoe
 nutritive Amenorrhoe . 
alimentäre Glykosurie
 alimentary diabetes, digestive
glycosuria, alimentary glycosuria . 
alimentäre Hyperkalzämie
 hypercalcemia syndrome . 
alimentäre Intoxikation
 food poisoning . 
alimentäre Lipämie
 postprandial lipemia, alimentary
lipemia . 
alimentäre Osteopathie
 hunger osteopathy, alimenta-
ry osteopathy . 
alimentäre Osteoporose
 starvation osteoporosis, hun-
ger osteoporosis . 
alimentäre Pentosurie
 alimentary pentosuria . 
alimentäre Trophoneurose
 dystrophoneurosis . 

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = feed ; fuel ; nurture ; nourish ; stoke (up).
Ex: The computer merely needs to be fed with the source documents and their citation, and with the appropriate software, will generate the indexes.
Ex: This is in line with recent trends in the historical sciences generally fuelled by the feeling that in the past historians did not pay enough attention to what is, after all, the majority of humanity.
Ex: Studying the leisure reading preferences of teens can help library media specialists develop collections and programs that nurture a lifelong love of reading.
Ex: The library's mission must be further nourished and refined, for philosophy is not an idle pastime -- it is a foundation and rationale for human endeavor.
Ex: The media have regularly stoked public feelings of shame by affirming that English football fans are synonymous with hooliganism, overlooking the fact that not all fans are 'hooligans'.
* alimentar a la fuerza = force-feed.
* alimentar datos = populate.
* alimentar el espíritu = refresh + the spirit.
* alimentar el fuego = feed + the fire.
* alimentar el odio = fuel + hatred.
* alimentar la esperanza = nurture + hope ; kindle + hope.
* alimentarse = graze (on).
* alimentarse de = thrive on ; feast on ; prey on/upon.
* alimentarse del aire = feed on + air.
* animal que se alimenta filtrando plancton = filter feeder.

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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v. feed, nourish; nurture

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