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v. state; argue; assert

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In law, an allegation (also called adduction) is a claim of a fact by a party in a pleading, charge, or defense. Until they can be proved, allegations remain merely assertions.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. report or maintain; "He alleged that he was the victim of a crime"; "He said it was too late to intervene in the war"; "The registrar says that I owe the school money"
(synonym) aver, say
(hypernym) assert, asseverate, maintain
(hyponym) plead
(derivation) allegation, allegement

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nf. lighter
adj. dietary, light, low in calories
v. alleviate, relieve, lighten, mitigate; shorten; slake, slim

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v. tvrdit; obvinění; údajně

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