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Amphibolite is a metamorphic rock that contains amphibole, especially the species hornblende and actinolite, as well as plagioclase. A holocrystalline plutonic igneous rock composed primarily of hornblende amphibole is called a hornblendite, which is usually a crystal cumulate rock. Rocks with >90 mphiboles which have a feldspar groundmass may be a lamprophyre.

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1. a metamorphic rock composed chiefly of amphibole and plagioclase
(hypernym) metamorphic rock
(substance-meronym) amphibole

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Eng: amphibolite
Urdu: امفی پولائیٹ ۔ ایک مُتغَیَرَہ چَٹان جو زِیادَہ تَر امفیبول یا ہارن بلینڈ سے مُرَکَّب ہوتی ہے ۔

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