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adj. passionate, zealous, ardent, enthusiastic; full of desire; fervent
nm. enthusiast, one who is filled with enthusiasm for a principle or idea; admirer, fan
v. inflame, impassion
v. get impassioned

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(adj.) = ardent ; impassioned ; passionate ; enthusiast ; vehement ; avid ; torrid.
Ex: Significantly, however, Panizzi's rules did not prove as viable as did his ideology, and they were promptly and materially changed and recast by his most ardent admirers and followers.
Ex: They took on the unusual character of a great and impassioned national debate of the relative merits of the existing finding catalog and the alternative proposed by Panizzi and his associates.
Ex: At Christmas and birthdays if one of the family has a passionate interest in a hobby or pastime, a book, usually of the information kind, is found to satisfy his curiosity.
Ex: Videodiscs can provide high capacity secondary storage and it is possible for the personal computer enthusiast to make use of a home video recorder in this way.
Ex: There was besides vehement opposition to the machines from the hand compositors.
Ex: She was an avid collector of historical manuscripts considered worthless by his contemporaries and priceless by scholars today.
Ex: He says he wants to have a torrid affair because he's too busy to commit to a proper relationship!.

(v.) = electrify.
Ex: He then produced a sound like the deep wail of a bereaved mother which electrified the audience.
* apasionarse = fire up.

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