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Apatia is one of the most popular Polish punk rock and hardcore band, founded in 1989 in Poznan, and due to play its farewell concert there in May 2011. Its members actively support vegetarianism and straight edge ideology.

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Babylon Italian English dictionary

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nf. apathy, indifference, torpor

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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nf. apathy, disinterest; inertia

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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apatia (f)
n. apathy, indifference, insensibility, lethargy, torpidity

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = burnout [burn-out] ; apathy ; plateauing ; impassivity ; indolence ; lassitude ; listlessness.
Ex: Burnout is a growing phenomenon among librarians and other human service professionals = La apatía es un fenómeno que se da cada vez con más frecuencia entre los bibliotecarios y otros profesionales dedicados a prestar un servicio a la población.
Ex: Such power groups subsume the individual will as never before, and generate feelings of bewilderment, apathy, violence, alienation.
Ex: Plateauing is reaching a stage in work or life where there is no more growth or movement and it can destroy motivation, allegiance, commitment, and productivity.
Ex: The most significant conclusion drawn was the librarian's impassivity in their day to day interactions with users.
Ex: Sunday remains a 'people's day,' a consensus of indolence = El domingo sigue siendo el 'día de la gente', donde predomina la indolencia.
Ex: His lassitude does not appear to emanate from laziness, but rather from the stirrings of nihilistic restlessness.
Ex: The condition of listlessness or general lack of energy is usually related to insomnia.
* apatía emocional = emotional burnout ; emotional exhaustion.
* con apatía = listlessly.

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