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مرتد، ازدين برگشته

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Etymology: From Late Latin apostasia "defection" from Greek apostasis "revolt," based on apo "up" + histanai "to stand, place." The PIE root *sta- went on to become –stan "place" in Persian, so we find it today in Afthanistan "place of the Afghanis" and others. In Russian it became stoyat' "stand," stat' "become," and staryi "old (long-standing)." In Old English it became "stead" found in homestead and instead "in place" and other steadfast words like "steed," "stay," and "static." In German it is "stehen" and Danish, "stå."
bâlâ/dur-istâi (pbp.)
kanâr-kašid/gašt-agi (be viža az din)
mortad (Dini, ar.)
=> hérétique
Another term, malâhida (sing. mulhid), was sometimes used more specifically to denote apostates or heretics who radically opposed the contemporaneous idea of religiosity. According to the mu`tazilî scholar Zamahšari (d. 539/1144), for example, a person was labelled a mulhid not when he abandoned one religion for the sake of another, but only when he adopted a system which deviated from all religions. But mulhid was also used more vaguely, to designate other kinds of religious deviations, or as a synonym of zindîq.

(Sarah STROUMSA, Freethinkers of medieval Islam : Ibn al-Râwandî, Abû Bakr al-Râzi and their impact on Islamic thought, Leiden 1999, p. 5)

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[.adj. & n]: از دين برگشته ، مرتد
{قانون و فقه}: مرتد

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   از دين‌ برگشته‌، مرتد.

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از دين برگشته ،مرتد
قانون ـ فقه : مرتد

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