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adj. authoritative, authoritarian, bossy, masterful

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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adj. authoritarian; bossy; peremptory
nm. authoritarian

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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adj. authoritarian, dictator
autoritário (m)
n. authoritarian, dictator

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(adj.) = authoritarian ; imperious ; assertive ; dictatorial ; authoritative ; controlling ; bossy ; peremptory ; overbearing.
Ex: Examples would include deliberately contriving an authoritarian atmosphere, either institutional, by means of rules and regulations, or personal, by means of academic status, for instance.
Ex: As she ascended the staircase to the library director's office, she tried to fathom the reason for the imperious summons.
Ex: I tried to say at the very outset of my remarks that there probably has not been sufficient consumer-like and assertive leverage exerted upon our chief suppliers.
Ex: However, her strong-mindedness, dictatorial tactics, and attempts to dominate her teachers and staff have made her many enemies.
Ex: While the operating instructions must be regarded as authoritative, they should not be seen as sacrosanct tablets of stone.
Ex: The implications here are that the organizational climate must be nurturing rather than coercive, empowering rather than controlling.
Ex: Regardless of gender, problem drinking was mainly related to traits of negative masculinity (bossy, noisy, aggressive, etc) whereas binge eating was mainly related to negative femininity (shy, needs approval from others, etc).
Ex: The author's argumentation is vehement, sometimes peremptory, but not conclusive.
Ex: Overbearing parents are likely to raise obsessive kids, according to a new study.

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