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back of beyond

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back of beyond
n. middle of nowhere, boondocks, other side of the world

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Back of Beyond
Back of Beyond is a 1995 Australian film.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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back of beyond

1. a very remote and inaccessible place; "you'd have to go to the back of beyond to find one of those"
(hypernym) depth

Moby Thesaurus

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back of beyond
Synonyms and related words:
China, Darkest Africa, God knows where, Greenland, North Pole, Outer Mongolia, Pago Pago, Pillars of Hercules, Siberia, South Pole, Thule, Tierra del Fuego, Timbuktu, Ultima Thule, Yukon, antipodean, antipodes, back, back-country, backwood, backwoods, backwoodsy, frontier, godforsaken, godforsaken place, hinterland, hyperborean, inaccessible, jumping-off place, nowhere, out of reach, out-of-the-way, outback, outer space, outpost, outskirts, pole, sylvan, the Great Divide, the South Seas, the boondocks, the moon, the sticks, the tullies, unapproachable, ungetatable, untouchable, up-country, virgin, waste, wild, wilderness, woodland

Source: Moby Thesaurus, which is part of the Moby Project created by Grady Ward. In 1996 Grady Ward placed this thesaurus in the public domain.

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