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bagh nakh

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Bagh naka
The bagh naka (also known as Bagh Nakh, wagh nakh, or bhagunakha)(, , ) is a claw-like weapon from India designed to fit over the knuckles or be concealed under and against the palm. It consists of four or five curved blades affixed to a crossbar or glove, and is designed to slash through skin and muscle. It is believed to have been inspired by the armament of big cats, and the term bagh naka itself means tiger's claw in Hindi.

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Bagh Nakh

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Bagh Nakh
Il Bagh Nakh (o Bag'hnak, Nahar-nuk, Waghnakh, Wagnuk, Wahar-nuk termine Indù per "artigli di tigre" बाघ नख)è un'arma bianca indiana.

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Bagnakas (, iš hindi žodžio, reiškiancio 'tigro nagas') – indiškas kasteto tipo kirstyniu ginklas, užmaunamas ant krumpliu arba slepiamas delne. Paprastai metalinis, su 4 ar 5 lenktomis geležtemis, pritvirtintomis prie skersinio ar pirštines. Skirtas kirsti oda ir raumenis, panašiai, kaip tigro nagai. Delne laikomas skersinukas gale dažnai irgi turi spygli ar geležte.

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Medieval Glossary

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bagh nakh
(tiger claw, bich'hwa bagh nakh) bar with four or five curved blades attached; on each end of the bar a ring is attached so forefinger and pinky can be slipped through the rings with the bar in the palm; sometimes fitted with dagger blades

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