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nf. barbecue; (Central America, Caribbean and Mexico) grilled meat; (Latin America) bed held up by sticks; (Andean) kitchen rack; loft; tap dance

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = barbeque ; braii ; cookout ; BBQ ; barbie.
Nota: Abreviatura de barbeque.
Ex: There will be an informal barbeque (beef and lobster).
Ex: Accommodation comprises 200 fully equipped, self-catering rondavels with own bathroom, kitchen and braai facilities = El alojamiento no incluye las comidas y consta de 200 cabañas totalmente equipadas, con baño, cocina y barbacoa.
Ex: Admittance to lectures, classes, cookout and activities is limited to registered participants with name badges.
Ex: The community also boasts communal swimming pool, volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball court, BBQ area and children's playground.
Ex: There is nothing like Australia Day in Australia -- people flock to the beach, celebrate in the cities, and generally get together and have a barbie.
* barbacoa de cerdo = pig roast.
* barbacoa de perritos calientes = hotdog roast.
* cerdo a la barbacoa = pig roast.
* salsa de barbacoa = barbeque sauce.

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