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Bok or BOK may refer to:

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Body of knowledge
A Body of Knowledge (BOK or BoK) is the complete set of concepts, terms and activities that make up a professional domain, as defined by the relevant learned society or professional association. It is a type of knowledge representation by any knowledge organization. In the theory several definitions are given, for example:
  • Body of Knowledge is: (1) "Structured knowledge that is used by members of a discipline to guide their practice or work.” (2) “The prescribed aggregation of knowledge in a particular area an individual is expected to have mastered to be considered or certified as a practitioner.” (BOK-def). Waite’s pragmatic view is also worth noting: “BOK is a stepping stone to unifying community” (Waite 2004).Tuncer Ören (2005),
  • A 'Body of Knowledge' (BOK) is a set of accepted and agreed upon standards and nomenclatures pertaining to a field or profession.INFORMS, 2009
  • A body of knowledge (BOK) is a set of knowledge within a profession or subject area which is generally agreed as both essential and generally known. - Gary R. Oliver, 2012
A body of knowledge is the accepted ontology for a specific domain. A BOK is more than simply a collection of terms; a professional reading list; a library; a website or a collection of websites; a description of professional functions; or even a collection of information.

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Boek bezeichnet zwei Orte in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Bok ist der Familienname folgender Personen:
  • Aylin Bok (* 1996), deutsche Handballspielerin
  • Bart J. Bok (1906–1983), US-amerikanischer Astronom
  • Derek Bok (* 1930), US-amerikanischer Jurist und Pädagoge
  • Edward W. Bok (1863–1930), US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller und Gewinner des Pulitzer Preises
  • Francis Bok (* 1979), sudanesisch/US-amerikanischer Menschenrechtler
  • Gideon Bok (* 1966), US-amerikanischer Maler
  • Sarah Bok (* ~1985), englische Badmintonspielerin
  • Siegfried Thomas Bok (1892–1964), niederländischer Neurologe
  • Wladimir Georgijewitsch Bok (1850–1899), russischer Kunsthistoriker

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  • bok, een mannelijke geit of hertachtige
  • bokken (Caprinae), een onderfamilie van de holhoornigen, waartoe onder andere de geit, het schaap en de gems behoren
  • boktorren, een familie kevers waartoe onder andere de heldenbok en wespenbok behoren
  • bokje, een vogel uit de familie van Scolopacidae (Strandlopers)

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Cette page d’ répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom.
BOK est un sigle de trois lettres qui peut faire référence à :

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