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CALAR (Center for Applied Laboratory Animal Research) er et forskningscenter under Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet for Fødevarer, Veterinærmedicin og Naturressourcer bestående af universitetsforskere og industri, som gennem anvendt forskning arbejder for at forbedre velfærd for forsøgsdyr og medarbejdere i forsøgsdyrfaciliteter.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = drench ; soak.
Ex: This article outlines the preparatory stages and describes some of the problems presented by the physical conditions in a city of tents either drenched by rain or smothered by dust = Este artículo esboza las etapas preparatorias y describe algunos de los problemas que presentan las condiciones físicas de una gran cantidad de tiendas de campaña empapadas por la lluvia o cubiertas por el polvo.
Ex: In the vacuum soaking process paper is soaked in a watery neutralising liquid in a vacuum chamber.
* calado hasta los huesos = drenched to the skin.

(v.) = take + hold ; permeate ; hit + home.
Ex: New computer-supported systems such as PRECIS will probably take hold only in languages and countries where a subject analysis system does not already exist.
Ex: This concept permeates all bibliothecal activities from start to finish, especially indexing and abstracting.
Ex: With our students, with our employees, the stress of the pulp and paper mill's shutdown is starting to hit home.
* calar a Alguien = suss (out).
* calar en = grow on/upon + Pronombre.
* calar hondo = hit + home.
* empezar a calar en = grow on/upon + Pronombre.

(v.) = stall.
Ex: If I give it a few revs once started and running I don't have a problem with it stalling.
* motor + calarse = engine + stall.

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n. player
v. steal, blow, lift, walk away with, bag, thieve, knock off, knock, abstract, adopt, cop, crib, defalcate, filch, grind, grind out, heist, hijack, hoist, hook, hoot, incline, jangle, jingle, knelt, mooch, nick, nobble, make off with, pilfer, pinch

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calar, prender

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