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Canker and anthracnose generally refer to many different plant diseases of such broadly similar symptoms as the appearance of small areas of dead tissue, which grow slowly, often over years. Some are of only minor consequence, but others are ultimately lethal and therefore of major economic importance in agriculture and horticulture. Their causes include such a wide range of organisms as fungibacteriamycoplasmas and viruses. The majority of canker-causing organisms are bound to a unique host species or genus, but a few will attack other plants. Weather and animals can spread canker, thereby endangering areas that have only slight amount of canker.

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Beim Baumkrebs oder Obstbaumkrebs handelt es sich, anders als der Name vermuten lässt, nicht um Krebs (unkontrolliertes Wachstum von Zellen), sondern um eine Pilzinfektion von Rinde und Holz.

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Chancre (botanique)
Un chancre est une nécrose localisée de l'écorce et du cambium associée à une bactérie ou un champignon.

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rak usta  
rak rana  

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ماشرا،خوره ،اکله ،يکجور افت درختان ميوه ،نوعى شته ياکرم ،فاسدکردن ،فاسدشدن

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