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La palabra composición puede referirse, según el contexto a:
  • En las ciencias sociales:
    • La composición lingüística es un procedimiento morfológico que permite la creación de neologismos o nuevas palabras.
    • La composición química se refiere a qué sustancias están presentes en una determinada muestra y en qué cantidades.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = composition ; essay ; make ; setting ; writing ; make-up [makeup] ; constitution ; written work.
Ex: In particular, a title that consists solely of the name(s) of type(s) of composition requires the following elements in addition to the statement of the medium of performance: serial number, opus number or thematic index number, key.
Ex: In a journal most formal items including articles, essays, discussions and reviews can be expected to be accompanied by an abstract.
Ex: Typically a patent abstract is informative, and includes in the case of an article, its method of making or manufacture.
Ex: A companionship was a team of piecework compositors, led by one of their number, who co-operated in the setting of a book and submitted a single bill for the work, the proceeds of which were then divided amongst themselves.
Ex: This is a project for collaboration in formal report writing based on current social theories of writing.
Ex: Account also had to be taken of the disparate make-up and wide age-spread of a reader community which consists of Commission officials and trainees plus diverse visitors from outside.
Ex: The chemical constitution of these materials is described and their deterioration characteristics explained.
Ex: Bear in mind that the goal of these rules is to achieve neatness in your written work.
* composición académica = academic writing.
* composición científica = academic writing.
* composición de canciones = songwriting [song-writing].
* composición de imágenes = image setting.
* composición demográfica = demographic composition.
* composición musical = musical composition.
* composición musical manida = war horse.
* composición original = creative writing.
* composición por confrontación de ideas = brain-writing.
* composición tipográfica = typesetting [type-setting] ; typeset.
* composición tipográfica automatizada = computerised typesetting.
* composición tipográfica por ordenador = computer typesetting.
* sala de composición = composing room.
* taller de trabajo sobre composición = writing workshop.
* técnicas de composición escrita = writing skills.

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nf. composition, essay; compilation; composite; reconciliation


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