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adj. consuming
nm. consumer; user

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consumidor (m)
n. end user; consumer, someone or something which consumes

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(adj.) = consumer ; eater ; consumptive.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: Abstracting and indexing data are a vital component in the communication link between the originator of information and its ultimate consumer.
Ex: It has puzzled many commentators that the name of such a respectable provincial library should appear in the novel 'Confessions of an Opium eater', an account of the bizarre nightmares suffered by De Quincey, the author, as a result of his addiction to opium.
Ex: This has made enhancement and customization more controllable and less consumptive of resources.
* Asociación Nacional de Oficinas de Información al Consumidor (NACAB) = National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux (NACAB).
* confianza del consumidor = consumer confidence.
* consumidor de bebidas = drinker.
* consumidor de bebidas alcohólicas = alcoholic drinker.
* consumidor de drogas = drug user.
* consumidor de heroina = heroin user.
* consumidor excesivo = overspender [over-spender].
* defensa del consumidor = consumer protection.
* departamento de defensa del consumidor = consumer protection department.
* derecho del consumidor = consumer law.
* derechos del consumidor = consumer rights [consumers' rights].
* determinado por el consumidor = consumer-driven [consumer driven].
* dirigido al consumidor = consumer-oriented.
* división del mercado por grupos de consumidores = market segmentation.
* educación de consumidores = consumer education.
* grupo de consumidores = consumer group.
* guiado por el consumidor = consumer-driven [consumer driven].
* hacer a gusto del consumidor = make to + order.
* índice de confianza del consumidor = consumer confidence index.
* información al consumidor = consumer information ; consumer advice ; consumer affairs.
* no consumidor = nonconsumptive.
* oficina del consumidor = consumer guidance office.
* oficina de protección al consumidor = consumer protection office.
* servicio de información al consumidor = Consumer Advice Centre (CAC) ; consumer advisory service.

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