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s. calambre, engarrotamiento, engarrotamiento muscular; restricción
v. engrapar; constreñir, poner trabas a, restringir

English Spanish dictionary by Jaime Aguirre

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v.- sujetar | fijar | restringir | contener
s.- sujeción | calambre | espasmo | agarrotamiento | retorcijón


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grapa, llave de anclaje
accessory cramp
tortícolis espasmódico
cramp syndrome
calambres musculares

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = calambre, calambre muscular, agarrotamiento muscular, retortijón.
Ex: He recommended me to carry a small piece of brimstone sewed up in a piece of very thin linen to bed with me, and if I felt any symptom of cramp to hold it in my hand.
* menstrual cramp = dolor de ovarios, dolor menstrual, dismenorrea.
* muscle cramp = calambre muscular.
* period cramp = dolor de ovarios, dolor menstrual, dismenorrea.
* writer's cramp = agarrotamiento muscular de la mano con imposibilidad de escribir, dolor en la mano al escribir.

(v.) = dar un calambre.
Ex: Often a muscle that is cramping feels harder than normal to the touch or may even show visible signs of twitching.

(v.) = apretujar, apretar, hacinar, comprimir, apiñar.
Ex: The goals are to reduce stress on the fingers and wrists and to keep your hands in a natural position rather than cramping them together.

(v.) = restringir, coartar, poner trabas, obstaculizar, poner obstáculos.
Ex: They used schools as a buttress of a caste system designed to subordinate blacks socially, to cramp them economically under a rigid job ceiling.
* cramp + Posesivo + style = arruinar + Posesivo + imagen, estropear + Posesivo + imagen.

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