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Cuento is a Spanish word meaning literally "story" or "tale". Cuento may specifically refer to folk tales, a category of folklore that includes stories passed down through oral tradition. The word cuento may also be used as a verb to say "tell", as if you are "telling" a story ("Cuento").

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Un cuento (del latín compŭtus, cuenta) es una narración breve creada por uno o varios autores, basada en hechos reales o ficticios, cuya trama es protagonizada por un grupo reducido de personajes y con un argumento relativamente sencillo.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = story ; story book [storybook] ; tale ; yarn ; nursery story ; storie.
Nota: Forma arcaica de "story".
Ex: There were lessons in this story which appear to have been ignored but remain valid for the future.
Ex: These he bound up in three volumes, and on the fly leaf of the first volume wrote 'I have always retained a kind of affection for little story books, as they recall muy early days'.
Ex: 'I only wanted to write an interesting tale,' he will say, ignoring that the interest of a story almost always comes from seeing the human will in action -- against chaos or against order.
Ex: Every teacher, I suppose, has his own collection of favorite yarns based on personal experiences.
Ex: The child who has the advantage of being brought up enriched by hearing stories and reading books will have the opportunity to air his knowledge about the characters in nursery stories.
Ex: One of these collectors was a Captain Cox, stone mason of Coventry, a person with 'great oversight ... in matters of storie'.
* aparecer sin venir a cuento = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aplicársele el cuento a Alguien = cap + fit.
* contar un cuento = tell + a story.
* cuenta-cuentos = storyteller [story-teller] ; storytelling [story-telling].
* cuento chino = tall tale ; tall story.
* cuento de hadas = fairy story ; fairy tale [fairytale].
* cuento de nunca acabar = endless story ; never-ending story.
* cuento de viejas = old wives' tale.
* cuento erótico = smutty story.
* cuento escrito = written story.
* cuento inacabable = never-ending story ; endless story.
* cuento infantil = picture book.
* cuento para dormir = bedtime story.
* cuento popular = folk tale [folktale].
* hora del cuento = story hour [storyhour] ; storytelling [story-telling] ; storytime [story time].
* lectura de cuentos = story reading.
* narración de cuentos = storytelling [story-telling].
* narrador de cuentos = storyteller [story-teller] ; story teller.
* no venir a cuento = be beside the point ; be beside the mark ; be beside the question.
* que no viene a cuento = off-topic.
* rincón del cuento, el = storycorner, the.
* ser el cuento de nunca acabar = never + hear + the end/last of it.
* ¡se te acabó el cuento! = the jig's up!.
* sin venir a cuento = out of the (clear) blue (sky) ; like a bolt out of the blue ; like a bolt from the blue ; for no reason ; for no specific reason ; for no particular reason ; for no good reason ; come out of/from + left field.
* urdir un cuento = weave + a tale.
* vivir del cuento = live off + the fat of the land.

(v.) = count ; tally ; tell out into ; number ; count out.
Ex: To ease the cataloguer's job and save him the trouble of counting characters, DOBIS/LIBIS uses a special function.
Ex: The statistic programs have been designed to make it possible to extract, tally, and print statistical information from the journal.
Ex: The finished paper was sorted for imperfections and told out into quires and reams for sale.
Ex: I would therefore like to give a blanket thankyou to everyone who has talked or written to me in my research and they must now number thousands rather than hundreds.
Ex: At midnight, one pirate arose, opened the chest, and counted out the gold pieces into five even piles.
* contar con una fortuna = sit on + a fortune.
* contar dinero = count + money.
* contar (las) cabezas = count + noses ; count + heads.
* contar las manos levantadas = count + hands.
* contar los días que faltan = count down to.
* contar los días que faltan para = count down + the days until/till/to.
* contar los días que quedan = count down to.
* contar los días que quedan para = count down + the days until/till/to.
* contar ovejas = count + sheep.
* dinero contante y sonante = readies ; the ready.
* que se cuentan por millones = numbered in millions.
* ser estupendo poder contar con + Nombre = be nice to have + Nombre + on board.
* volver a contar = recount.

(v.) = relate ; narrate ; hip ; tell ; recount.
Ex: This article relates what happened to the records of the German era after the colony became a mandate under the British administration and after the attainment of independence.
Ex: The inmates satisfied their need for reading by smuggling in Polish books, or else narrating stories from memory.
Ex: He was aghast after having been hipped to the fact there are hookers on the Internet.
Ex: Program function key 1 (FP1) tells DOBIS/LIBIS to stop whatever it is doing and go back to the function selection screen.
Ex: We recount the parts of the book which absorbed us utterly, which made us feel that the alternative world was more vivid, more alive, more immediate than our life outside the book.
* anécdota obligatoria de contar = must tell.
* contar Algo a Alguien = let + Nombre + in on.
* contar chascarrillos = crack + jokes.
* contar chismes de Alguien = tell + tales out of school about + Alguien.
* contar chistes = crack + jokes.
* contar de = tell of.
* contar en confianza = confide (in/to).
* contar experiencias = tell + tales.
* contar historias = tell + tales ; recount + stories.
* contar la experiencia = recount + experience.
* contar las ideas a Alguien = run + ideas + past + Pronombre.
* contarle las penas a Alguien = sob + Posesivo + heart out to.
* contar + Posesivo + historia = tell + Posesivo + story.
* contar + Posesivo + propia vida y milagros = spill + Posesivo + guts.
* contar + Posesivo + vida = tell + Posesivo + story ; tell + Posesivo + life.
* contar relatos = recount + stories.
* contar todo sobre = give + Nombre + the lowdown on.
* contar una anécdota = tell + a story.
* contar una experiencia = relate + an experience.
* contar una historia = spin + a yarn ; weave + a tale ; narrate + story ; weave + story.
* contar una mentira = tell + a lie ; tell + a porky.
* contar un chiste = make + a joke ; tell + Nombre + a joke.
* contar un cuento = tell + a story.
* cuenta la leyenda que = legend has it that ; as legend goes.
* deja de contar milongas = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).
* no me cuentes más milongas = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).
* relato obligatorio de contar = must tell.
* según cuenta la leyenda = legend has it that ; as legend goes.
* un pajarito me ha contado = a little dicky bird told me.
* visión contada por una persona de adentro = an insider's look ; an insider's perspective.
* volver a contar = retell.
* y ahora me cuentas una de chinos = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)) ; pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)) ; pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).

(v.) = count.
Ex: People must be made to feel that they and their ideas count.
* contando = counting.
* contar con = hold ; count on ; have at + Posesivo + disposal ; bank on ; set + your watch by.
* contar con Alguien = count + Pronombre + in.
* contar con apoyo para = have + support for.
* contar con el apoyo de Alguien = have + Nombre + behind + Pronombre.
* contar con el apoyo necesario para = have + the power behind to.
* contar con el visto bueno = meet with + approval.
* contar con la aprobación = meet with + approval.
* contar con la colaboración de = enjoy + cooperation with.
* contar con la cooperación de = enjoy + cooperation with.
* contar con + Posesivo + aprobación = meet + Posesivo + approval.
* contar con + Posesivo + visto bueno = meet + Posesivo + approval.
* contar para nada = count + for nothing.
* entre ellos contamos con los siguientes = numbered amongst these are.
* no contar = be out of the picture.
* no contar con = leave + Nombre + out of the picture ; drop + Nombre + out of the picture.
* no contar con la aprobación = frown on/upon.
* poder contar con = be there for + Pronombre.
* si eso cuenta para algo = if that counts in any way ; if that counts for anything.
* sin contar = not including ; excluding ; barring.
* sin contar con = in the absence of.

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nm. story, tale; fable; exaggeration; fairy tale
v. count, enumerate; calculate, estimate; compute (add, subtract, etc.); recount, tell, narrate

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