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v. damage, harm; impair; jeopardize

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v. harm, hurt

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = damage ; impair ; cause + erosion ; injure ; do + harm.
Ex: Single holds are useful, for example, when a particular copy of a document is damaged or needs rebinding.
Ex: It is difficult to neglect either entirely, without impairing the effectiveness in fulfilling the other objective.
Ex: The replacement of the book catalog by the card catalog has caused a grave erosion of the ideal catalog sought by Panizzi and Cutter.
Ex: Dialog is being injured and will continue to be injured if the American Chemical Society continues to assert falsely that Dialog is underpaying royalties.
Ex: Miss Laski suggests that the depiction of life found in many novels is naive, over-simplified and, as a constant diet, can do more harm than good.
* dañar la credibilidad (de Alguien) = damage + credibility.
* dañar la credibilidad (de Alguien/Algo) = impair + credibility.
* dañar + Posesivo + imagen = tarnish + Posesivo + image.
* dañar + Posesivo + reputación = tarnish + Posesivo + reputation.
* dañarse = hurt + Reflexivo ; injure + Reflexivo.
* que no daña el medio ambiente = environmentally sound ; environmentally friendly ; eco-friendly.

(v.) = hurt + Reflexivo ; injure + Reflexivo.
Ex: The sack race and three-legged race have been banned from a school sports day because the children might fall over and hurt themselves. Ex: She died after injuring herself while trying to do somersaults.

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