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El término difusión (del latín diffusĭo, -ōnis) puede hacer referencia a los siguientes conceptos:
  • Difusión, proceso de propagación o divulgación de conocimientos, noticias, actitudes, costumbres, modas, etc. Este concepto a su vez engloba, entre otros, a los siguientes:

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = dissemination ; projection ; spread ; airing ; propagation ; diffusion ; spreading ; delivery.
Ex: An indexing system is a set of prescribed procedures for organising the contents of records of knowledge or documents for the purposes of retrieval and dissemination.
Ex: The current practice of promotion and projection of public library services tends to be amateurish, piecemeal, unsustained and difficult to evaluate.
Ex: With the spread of video equipment, an increasing number of visual media with local history content have come into being.
Ex: To achieve a full airing of concerns, librarians must work to overcome the unfavorable odds against the individual's access to unpopular or anti-establishment views.
Ex: As part of an imported culture libraries may be associated with influences undermining traditional values and self-confidence and with the propagation of negative values such as consumerism.
Ex: Mathematical models are presented that describe the diffusion of gaseous pollutants from the air in a storeroom into protective containers and the reaction with the documents lying in them.
Ex: The greatest boost to the spreading of knowledge through vastly increased book production was the invention of woodblock printing which was well developed by the late 9th century.
Ex: Entry of number '21' reverses the present delivery status.
* difusión de información = information provision ; provision of information ; dissemination of information.
* difusión de la información = information diffusion ; information dissemination.
* difusión de rumores = rumour mongering.
* difusión electrónica de documentos (DED) = electronic document delivery (EDD).
* difusión por radio y televisión = broadcast ; broadcasting.
* difusión selectiva de la información = SDI (selective dissemination of information).
* medios de difusión de la información = information media.
* servicio de difusión selectiva de la información = SDI service.

Diccionario de Castellano Catalán

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Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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nf. broadcasting; pervasion; diffusion

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