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(v.) = eclipse ; overshadow ; upstage [up-stage] ; dwarf ; shadow ; steal + Posesivo + show ; steal + the limelight ; take + the wind out of + Posesivo + sails ; steal + Posesivo + thunder ; steal + Posesivo + scene ; steal + the spotlight ; outshine ; overmatch ; take + some of the starch out of + Posesivo + sails.
Ex: Such a reaction is, however, understandable since in the latter stages of the life-cycle, preservation of structure eclipses the original function as the dominant goal of the organization.
Ex: And when the maintenance of structure is permitted to overshadow the functional performance of the institution, it will move toward extinction.
Ex: An enquirer upstaged by a virtuoso parade of knowledge may be unwilling to venture into the limelight again.
Ex: The author forecasts that the global market for intranet technologies will dwarf the Internet by the turn of the century.
Ex: Compassion shadowed the trustee's face -- she could see he was desperate -- and compassion was in her voice as she answered: 'All right, I'll go over this afternoon'.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Did Paris Steal the Show for American Library Innovations?'.
Ex: Little in general is said about the retrieval side of the systems: document analysis has stolen the limelight.
Ex: He then took the wind out of the sails of the political opposition two weeks ago when they had him on the run and he agreed to a general election.
Ex: She said some of the most hurtful things a person could say and it was all because she was afraid I was going to steal her thunder.
Ex: But once again her little sister, famous as Kate if not more, is stealing her scene.
Ex: It is her big screen debut tonight, so Katy Perry would have wanted to ensure nobody stole the spotlight.
Ex: She was sensational throughout the competition and outshone her opponents with singing skills that seemed to stretch beyond the talent of a 17 year old.
Ex: Adams is a lovely and subtle performer, but she is overmatched by her co-star and handicapped by the material = Adams es una artista encantadora y sutil, pero el papel le viene demasiado grande y se ve superada por su compañero de reparto.
Ex: Well, damn, that took some of the starch out of her sails and for the first time she began to doubt her decision of not telling him.

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v. eclipse, cause to undergo an eclipse


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sich verfinstern


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pimentyä, himmentyä, jäädä varjoon

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