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Elemento is a Philippine horrordocudrama series broadcast by GMA Network. It was premiered on October 10, 2014 before 24 Oras every Friday on the network's Telebabad early evening primetime block. This is the first-ever primetime drama series under GMA News and Public Affairs and aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The show ended on October 31, 2014 separate total 4 episodes overall.

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El término elemento puede referirse a los siguientes artículos:

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Con il termine elemento (al plurale elementi) ci si può riferire a:

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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= component ; data element ; element ; item ; building block.
Ex: The primary components in this area are place of publication, publisher's name and date of publication (that is, the date of edition).
Ex: The Working Group undertook to determine from the data available what data elements should be included for each type of authority.
Ex: In order to support these three elements it is important to have some organisation which takes responsibility for revision and publication.
Ex: Since only twenty or so items can be displayed on the screen at a time, the ↑ (Up), ↓ (Down), Page Up and Page Down keys are used to scroll through the listing.
Ex: This article seeks to explain why current on-line products have, despite tremendous capitalisation, not yet achieved satisfactory returns, but have provided the necessary building blocks towards future products.
* colocar como primer elemento de un encabezamiento compuesto = lead.
* comparación entre elementos comparables = like with like comparison.
* elemento afín = nearest neighbour.
* elemento básico = staple.
* elemento clave = key element ; building block.
* elemento de absorción = absorber.
* elemento de búsqueda ficticio = rogue string.
* elemento de cambio = agent of(for) change.
* elemento de entrada = entry element.
* elemento destacado = standout.
* elemento esencial = essential ; kingpin.
* elemento importante = major force.
* elemento intangible = intangible.
* elemento integrante = fixture.
* elemento que se repite = repeater.
* elementos del marketing, los = marketing mix, the.
* elemento vital = vital factor.
* encontrarse fuera de + Posesivo + elemento = feel out of + Posesivo + element.
* enfrentarse a los elementos = brave + the elements.
* estar en + Posesivo + elemento = be in + Posesivo + element.
* estar fuera de + Posesivo + elemento = be out of + Posesivo + element.
* exposición a los elementos = exposure to the elements.
* expuesto a los elementos = open to the elements.
* hacer frente a los elementos = brave + the elements.
* luchar contra los elementos = brave + the elements.
* sentirse fuera de + Posesivo + elemento = feel out of + Posesivo + element.
* subelemento = sub-element [subelement].

(n.) = element.
Nota: Palabra, frase o grupo de caracteres que describen datos homogéneos de un documento y que forman parte de un área de la descripción bibliográfica.
Ex: An element is a group of characters, a word, phrase, etc., representing a distinct unit of bibliographic information and forming part of an area (q.v.) of the description.
* elemento bibliográfico = bibliographic element.

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