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Estrellas is the seventh studio album by the Gipsy Kings released in 1995 in Europe and a year later in the United States, under the title Tierra Gitana.

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Una estrella (del latín stella) es todo objeto astronómico que brilla con luz propia. Más precisamente, se trata de una esfera de plasma que mantiene su forma gracias a un equilibrio hidrostático de fuerzas.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = star.
Ex: The two sat gravely in silence, Modjeski fingering the stars on her necklace while she thought.
* aficionado a contemplar las estrellas = stargazer.
* aficionado a mirar las estrellas = stargazer.
* aficionado a observar las estrellas = stargazer.
* a la luz de las estrellas = by starlight.
* Posesivo + buena estrella = Posesivo + lucky star.
* con forma de estrella = star-shaped [star shaped].
* contemplación de las estrellas = star watch.
* contemplar las estrellas = stargaze ; gaze at + the stars.
* de cinco estrellas = 5-star [five-star] ; five-star.
* de cuatro estrellas = four-star.
* dormir bajo las estrellas = sleep under + the stars.
* en forma de estrella = star-shaped [star shaped].
* estrella de mar = starfish ; sea star.
* estrella fugaz = shooting star ; falling star.
* estrella polar = Pole Star [polestar. -USA] ; lodestar.
* estrella polar, la = Polaris ; North Star, the.
* fruta estrella = starfruit.
* guerra de las estrellas = battle of the stars.
* lleno de estrellas = starry.
* llorarle a las estrellas = cry for + the moon ; ask for + the moon ; reach for + the moon.
* luz de las estrellas = starlight.
* mirar las estrellas = stargaze ; gaze at + the stars.
* observar las estrellas = gaze at + the stars.
* polvo de estrellas = stardust.
* puntuación con estrellas = star rating.
* red en forma de estrella = star network [star-network].
* súper estrella = superstar.
* tener buena estrella = be lucky.
* valoración con estrellas = star rating.
* ver las estrellas = see + stars.

(n.) = star.
Ex: The background music is sung by the stars of the show, with each singing a different verse.
* estrella de cine = movie star ; film-star.
* estrella de la música pop = pop star.
* estrella del escenario = stage star.
* estrella de rock = rock star.
* estrella fugaz = rustling star.
* estrella principal = headliner.
* estrella venida a menos = fallen star.
* joven estrella = starlet.
* pieza estrella = piece of resistance.

(n.) = flagship.
Nota: Véase ship para otras entradas acabadas con este sufijo.
Ex: The main library may the be flagship of the system, and its large collection and monumental architecture the pride and joy of the community boosters, but it is the branch library where people come to get their reading material.
* pieza estrella = showpiece.
* producto estrella = star product.

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estreles, estrelles

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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nf. star; self-illuminating gaseous celestial body, celestial body which is seen on Earth as a small light in the nighttime sky (Astronomy); celebrity (especially an actor or athlete); design with five or six points; pip; blaze; canvas
v. star; spangle, decorate with spangles; dash, shatter; fry

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